Amy Was Nothing But Strong

Amy sits on the bed, infront of her computer screen, trying to come up with something smart but she can't. Her head was full of uncertainties. She felt insecure and scared, even writing won't distract her from all that screwed up shits. She was trying to face the fact that the only man she fell hard into had lost interest in her. He looks at her as a different person when actually nothing is changing, he told her things she doesnt want to hear, she wished she was born deaf. He makes it hard for her to sleep at night, he damaged her mind with insecurities and sadness. She thought she had gone mad at times. Sometimes she thinks that love was something cheap. We can get love anywhere for free but falling in love may be the last thing on earth you wanna try doing, because it gets forgotten easily, one day you're in love and the next day you get so comfortable with what you have you start taking things for granted and eventually, you'll end up leaving or be left alone. That is how cheap love is. Amy thought, love is not a religion. It is pure bullshit.